Creativity in Business

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The word “creative” is an all encompassing term of what we do and how we interact, both personally and in business.

Companies live and die by these primary principles which are all rooted in creativity:

1. The funding necessary to create a product or service
2. The value and quality of the good or service created
3. The effectiveness of marketing the product
4. The experience a consumer has when interacting with the product
5. The likelihood of a consumer to recommend the product to others.

All of these variables are dependent on “creative”. Will investor/board presentations effectively communicate the business goals? How will the product or service be designed and built? How will the product be marketed and advertised to consumers in a multitude of ways? What will the actual experience a consumer has with the product be? How likely will consumers be to share it with others? And how will the process be repeated to make continual improvements?

Design & creativity is intrinsic in the core of any business. Often though a business’s drive for revenue can usurps this necessity, and lead the company to failure if it is not acted on by an outside force. This is why “fresh blood” is brought in and new thought-leadership is required. The customer is still king, and the product or service still exists for them – more so now than ever as every company and product is discussed and shared instantly with both positive and negative results.

If a product or service remains consumer focused, it will succeed. This is often why new leadership is needed at a company, or the leadership that exists should be continually focused on building a better product – not just a better profit. The profit and product are eqully dependent on one another.

A example of this is Apple Computers and Microsoft. The once tiny Apple facing the giant continually focused on the customer and innovative products while Microsoft focused on profits. Now we view Apple as one of the most successful, innovative and design-centric companies ever and continue to see Microsoft lose ground.

“Creative” is essential to having a successful business. A holistic design-centric approach can be the differentiating factor in ultimate success or ultimate failure.

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