A Decade in Review

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A little retrospective of work over the last decade…

Clients: RethinkBooks, SocialBooks, AuthorPages, Zondervan, Timothy Ferriss, Kevin Kelly, Harper Collins, AuthorStats, ElGato Media, BassLink, WideAwake, Slack Circus

Clients: Big Jump Media, Tangle, GodTube, Walt Disney, National Day of Prayer, Huggies, Dove Awards, WinterJam, WowHits, TBN Television Network

Clients: Handango, Brooke Brooks Bakery, Carn Security Products, Casey Winner Salon, CupcakeCaps, Jackson Public Relations, Morrow Financial Network, Rooster.com, Schwank Stock

Clients: Expedia, Hotels.com, Orlando.com, IAN.com, Habitat for Humanity

Clients: Omnicom, RappCollins, Javelin Direct, SBC, AT&T, DishNetwork, Cingular, USAA, Walt Disney, San Antonio Spurs, San Francisco Giants

Clients: EDS, Hampton Inns, Hyatt Hotels, Nokia, PepsiCo (Aquafina, Mountain Dew, Pepsi, Sierra Mist), Sony, TEXAS Travel, Abstract Device

Client: American Airlines, Blockbuster, Dassault Falcon, D/G Worldwide, Folgers, FOX, Fujitsu, Morningstar Foods, Pampers, PFSWeb, Southwest Airlines and Targetbase, Cinemark, Flooze, iChoose, Motorola, NStorm, Texas Back Institute, Zippity

There have been many projects and clients along the way – I am sure I left out a few. PDFs of larger images (5.3MB) here. Smaller PDF version (600k) here.

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